Holiday Road: Podcasts to Keep You Occupied

Every week I get a text or see a post of Facebook or Twitter asking for podcast recommendations. Every month or so I see the “I’m thinking about getting into podcast” post. While I’m not an expert (although if you want to talk to one, I can hook you up with some master podcasters), I can make recommendations not only about which podcasts to listen to, but also what to look for in general if you’re just now getting into them. Here are my tips:

It was a dark and foggy day...

...and therefore the perfect time for a Stephen King update! I'm horribly behind on my Stephen King read through, but I was distracted by other book clubs, John Le Carre, and podcasts. I've attached both my personal feelings about SK (also pasted below), as well as how the read through is going. You'll see that there's still PLENTY of time to catch up!